Seaport Canaveral Tank Farm, Construction Engineering and Inspection (2008-2011)

Seaport Canaveral Tank Farm, located on more than 30 acres in Port Canaveral, FL, was the largest construction project in Brevard County for the few years that it was under construction.  It was, at the time, also the largest single investment in Port history.

The Seaport Canaveral Tank Farm project consisted of the installation of 24 above ground petroleum storage tanks including facilities to support the storage and transfer of petroleum on and off site.  This project was new construction and Existing Structures Engineering, Inc. (ESE) was involved from the day construction commenced.  ESE provided construction management and oversight of the onsite construction and placement of over 120 miles of prestressed concrete pilings, ranging from 25 ft in length to 50 feet in length.

Placement included splicing two precast pilings together and driving them into the ground until a certain soil density was reached, usually at an approximately 90 foot embedment.  Once the appropriate number of piles was in place, the pile-cap (or tank base) could be poured.  ESE performed material testing and sampling during these concrete pours and determined concrete strength allowing the contractor to remove necessary formwork faster than waiting until the usual mandatory 7 days.  Over 340,000 yards of concrete were poured for these pile-caps.

ESE managed all of these processes on a full-time, 24 hour, 7 days a week basis.  Along with the piles and pilecaps ESE managed and performed inspections during the rest of the facility installation including: office and miscellaneous buildings, pipe racks, truck racks, fuel manifolds, cargo piers, etc. as well as the steel tanks themselves.  ESE was an integral part of daily construction and ultimately helped the owner to successfully accomplish a mutli-million dollar project, safely and efficiently.