Illinois Marine Towing Syncrolift (S-1225) (2012)

Oldest Structure Yet! ESE was brought in specifically to evaluate the effect of corrosion on the IMT Syncrolift located in Lemont, IL. The mechanical lift dock was commissioned in 1969 and has been in use ever since.

During the ultrasound inspection of the scantlings, the Engineers were surprised to find riveted main transverse beams. Riveted construction has been out of use since the mid 1940’s.

It was determined that the structure was partially made from an old railroad bridge which was being decommissioned around the time the Syncrolift was built. Essentially, it was recycled into the main beam of the lift dock. The entire structure was analyzed using Ultrasound equipment and the results were compared to the as-built drawings and notes from original construction. Ultimately the oldest structure ever assessed by ESE!