Ocean Royale, Indian Harbour Beach, FL, Balcony Restoration (2011-2012)

Ocean Royale started as a typical balcony restoration project. However, once the edges of the balconies were opened, the severity of the Post Tension (PT) cable damage was uncovered.

ESE determined that it was more cost effective to replace every PT anchor in the east edges of all balconies. This meant taking twelve inches of concrete off of each edge and creating access holes every three feet at about three feet in from the edge to feed new PT cables ends through the new concrete edge.

While the building looked like Swiss cheese for a while,  the edge is the most exposed component on an oceanfront condo and therefore worth the extra preventative procedure of replacing all east PT anchors. While some slider removals were anticipated, one threshold proved so severe that the damage justified taking the entire corner off of the balcony. Both partial and full new PT cables were run, balconies were completely stripped, and after the new urethane coating was installed, all evidence of the Swiss cheese concrete was gone.