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Florida Bridge Cathodic Protection Projects (2013 – 2016)

Between 2013 and 2016 Existing Structures Engineering (ESE) provided Cathodic Protection Specialist and Testing services on fifteen (15) different FDOT Bridge rehabilitation projects across the state of Florida. Testing services provided included reinforcing steel continuity on bridge bent cap repair; adhesion, continuity to steel reinforcing and thickness measurements for zinc metalizing of steel and concrete surfaces; installation of structural and non-structural galvanic pile jackets; and commissioning of ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) systems on bridge support structures.

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Ocean Royale, Indian Harbour Beach, FL, Balcony Restoration (2011-2012)

Ocean Royale started as a typical balcony restoration project. However, once the edges of the balconies were opened, the severity of the Post Tension (PT) cable damage was uncovered.

ESE determined that it was more cost effective to replace every PT anchor in the east edges of all balconies. This meant taking twelve inches of concrete off of each edge and creating access holes every three feet at about three feet in from the edge to feed new PT cables ends through the new concrete edge.

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La Vista del Mar Condominium (2007) – Extensive Concrete Restoration

Winner of the International Concrete Repair Institute, Award of Merit, 2008

La Vista del Mar Condominium is located in Cocoa Beach, FL. ESE was hired by the condominium association to survey the damaged building and to recommend and oversee a repair procedure. It was concluded that many locations of the building were unsafe and needed to be dealt with immediately. The elevated walkways and the south staircase were completely replaced as well as a buckling partition wall.

The old construction was pre cast double tee whereas the new construction consisted of durable reinforced concrete secured to the building with epoxy dowelled rebar. Dowels, or rebar, were embedded into the existing structure to an adequate depth and then epoxied into place. The rebar was subjected to many tests including, but not limited to, pull testing to ensure the reinforcing steel could withstand the required loading. Corrosion inhibitors and corrosion resistant rebar were used throughout the repair process and will ensure that the buildings require little to no maintenance in regards to corrosion control. This is also carried through to the new corrosion resistant thermoplastic rail system which was installed.

Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) – Roof Restoration Project (2005-2006)

Existing Structures Engineering, Inc. was hired to conduct a condition survey of the underside of the 4” thick flat concrete roof of the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center. The Vehicle Assembly Building was built in 1966 and is 525 ft tall and 716 ft long by 518 ft wide. The condition survey included sounding out the entire underside of the roof surface, locating all damaged areas, and marking out the damaged areas for the contractor. We also inspected the installation of a cathodic protection system that was installed to arrest any further corrosion damage to the concrete roof.