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Florida Bridge Cathodic Protection Projects (2013 – 2016)

Between 2013 and 2016 Existing Structures Engineering (ESE) provided Cathodic Protection Specialist and Testing services on fifteen (15) different FDOT Bridge rehabilitation projects across the state of Florida. Testing services provided included reinforcing steel continuity on bridge bent cap repair; adhesion, continuity to steel reinforcing and thickness measurements for zinc metalizing of steel and concrete surfaces; installation of structural and non-structural galvanic pile jackets; and commissioning of ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) systems on bridge support structures.

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Freshwater Corrosion – South Florida Water Management District (2015)

Although the coastal environment is known to be very corrosive, it should come as no surprise that “fresh water” structures can also need significant maintenance to stay serviceable. Because fireworks fallout and fertilizers, some of the theme park water we have tested is nearly as corrosive as seawater. But these flood control structures that we evaluated the service bridges on are as “out in the middle of nowhere” as you can get. But natural tannins, fertilizer and age still take their toll.  These flood control structures are being refurbished and we confirmed that the service bridges are structurally suitable for light construction traffic (but never crane load a hatch or trench cover!).

JEA – Concrete Restoration of Unit #2 Cooling Tower (2005-2006)

JEA Cooling Tower (Jacksonville Electric Authority)Jacksonville Electric Authority/Florida Power & Light Company operates two coal fired 640 MW power plants at the St. Johns River Power Plant in Jacksonville, Florida. Corrosion related damage to Unit #2 Natural Draft Cooling Tower had progressed to the point where structural integrity and safety was a concern. The tower was built in 1985 (at a cost of over $50 million) and is 450 feet high and 320 feet in diameter. Existing Structures Engineering, Inc. (ESE) was hired to perform an engineering condition survey coupled with recommendations, and repair/remediation design. The scope of the project ultimately grew to include construction engineering and inspection.     Read More