Theme Parks & Other Specialty – Projects


You mentioned to add Bonner Bridge to this page.  (ps – I’m not shouting with this red, I just didn’t want to forget to share these thoughts with you 🙂

The reason I created this page, was to create the mindset, that ESE,  has done considerable work to the world of Entertainment places such as:

Theme Parks

Golf Courses

If we add just any type of “special project” it would make this category confusing.

Byron has done like 6 or 8 themes parks, even if he cannot mention but a few of them.  Why don’t we put Bonner in the Commercial & Government Facilities?  It is a government job?


Theme Parks, Golf Courses, and the like, could become a lucrative market, but if we do not stay consistent by holding a place just for Entertainment type faciltites, we might make our Marketing to them, quite confusing.

I have a left and right brain 🙂

One of my degrees is marketing, and another 2/3 is your Field of Work.

Anyhow, I’m just trying to put myself into the shoes of a Park/Resort manager and how She or He might want to see a category dedicated to Entertainment, so that it would show ESE, is sensitive to the handling of a project , that is not typical Commercial or Government.