SunGlow Pier Restoration – Daytona Beach Shores, FL – 2018

The pier was in significant distress from corrosion damage. The original steel H piles had been encased in concrete and when that went into failure, the piles were wrapped in plywood.  Not state of the art corrosion control.

Our engineering assessment revealed that immediate repair was necessary and our repair design pointed toward new piles and bents as the most cost effective solution. Based on product availability and value engineering we settled on corrosion inhibited reinforced concrete piles, timber bents and all stainless steel fasteners.

The contractor was awesome at battling tides and weather and the project was completed after about 6 months. The restoration was a local tourist attraction and the engineering team and contractors were treated like rock stars! All the neighbors greatly appreciated the upgrade. The new pilings and bents are good for another 40-50 years!