Company Profile

Founded in 2001 by Byron and Ruth Evetts, Existing Structures Engineering, Inc. (ESE) is an award winning registered engineering business specializing in the evaluation, remediation, and preservation of existing structures, plants, and facilities that have been compromised by corrosion, water intrusion, fire, overloading or other events. Corrosion control of engineered materials (e.g., steel, aluminum, concrete and wood) in the coastal environment is a specialty.

Additionally, we provide Forensic Engineering, Expert Witness Services and Special Design Engineering. Special Design Engineering is provided when custom or specialized designs are required. These types of services may not be found in the skill sets of larger A&E firms. Please see our Specialties Services.

After 20 years as a senior engineer in the marine ship-lift and corrosion consultant industries, Byron had compelling ideas on how to couple his structural and corrosion engineering expertise. All too often, corrosion control was not being addressed with an engineering approach. Rather, corrosion control was driven by the latest fad or new product. Corrosion in the coastal environment is an insidious, destructive force that cannot remain unchecked for very long. Structures can be adversely affected within only a few years. Success in combating corrosion demands specialists that understand how structural integrity is affected by corrosion, as well as the corrosive mechanisms at work in the aggressive coastal environment. Addressing corrosion of structures should be in the hands of a professional.

The underlying principle of success has been employing highly trained and experienced personnel, emphasizing a strong “hands-on” approach. Corrosion cannot be controlled by office work alone.


A keystone to ESE’s success is the belief in professional development of the technical and administrative staff. Professional staff holds specialized training and certifications from:

  • American Concrete Institute (ACI)certs-combined-220w-final
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • American Shotcrete Association (ASA)
  • Florida Engineering Society (FES)
  • International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI)
  • National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)
  • National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI)
  • The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC)
  • National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE)


James Byron Evetts, PE - Owner/Principal Engineer

James Byron Evetts, PE

Owner/Principal Engineer

As founder and Principal Engineer of Existing Structures Engineering, Inc., Byron’s primary responsibilities involve managing and directing the professional and technical staff, marketing and sales, as well as being involved in field and analytic activities.

After graduating with an Ocean Engineering degree from FAU, Byron attained progressively more responsible positions in the marine structural and the corrosion consultant industries, including extensive international experience.

Byron is an industry recognized expert in evaluation, preservation and remediation of damaged and corroded structures. In addition to being registered as a Professional Engineer in FL, GA, MS, LA, AL, SC and NC, he is an active leader in NACE, ACI, ICRI and FES and holds certifications as a NACE Coatings and Cathodic Protection Specialist and is certified by the Structural Engineering Certification Board.

Byron is also an Urban Search and Rescue Advanced Structures Specialist. He has developed and taught technical courses to ICRI, NACE, government agencies, and condominium associations. Byron has provided expert witness testimony regarding protective coatings, corrosion and fire science.

Stan Lockard Project Manager and Field Technician

Stan Lockard

Project Manager and Field Technician

As Project Manager and Field Technician, Stan is responsible for conducting condition surveys, creation of repair recommendations and bid documentation as well as inspection and documentation of work in progress.

He is also involved in on-site inspections including rebar layout prior to concrete placement and testing/engineering support during concrete placement.

He has been in construction and the construction inspection industry for over 30 years and holds an active Florida State Contractors License. He has an Asbestos Abatement Project Management and Supervision Certificate from University of Florida and an AA in Business Administration from Kieser College.

James Hoyle - Field Technician

James Hoyle

Field Technician

As a Field Technician, James is involved in on-site condition surveys and follow up processing. His responsibilities also include coordinating/implementing bridge testing and monitoring per FDOT standards. He has been in construction and business development for the past 5 years. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a BA in Psychology, History and Law. He currently holds a NACE certification in Cathodic Protection (#674774).


Angela DiBiase

Office Administrator

As Office Administrator, Angela is responsible for all aspects of accounting for Existing Structures Engineering, Inc. She also works closely with the staff CPA.

Her responsibilities also include tracking the field work performed by the engineers and field techs.

Angela is a Licensed Notary Public. She has been in the accounting field for over 25 years both in the non-profit and service industries.

She joined the ESE team in April of 2016.