Condition Surveys & Evaluation

As a manager , owner ,  board/ committee member, or fellow Professional Engineer, have you observed your structure deteriorating?

How do you get started with assessing your building, facility, condominium or structure? 

Watch the  “Spotlight on Corrosion”  video below, for a 5 minute education on Corrosion,  created by NACE, The Worldwide Corrosion Authority.


Condition Surveys – Phase 1

Condition surveys form the basis for designing and specifying preservation and repair materials and processes. Destructive and non-destructive evaluations of the existing structure allows the engineer to :

  • Establish the cause of deterioration so that appropriate preservation or repair strategies can be formulated
  • Determine the structural significance of the damage
  • Quantify the amount of damage and estimate repair costs
  • Assign priorities to work

ESE has performed numerous condition surveys on condominiums, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, marine shiplifts, theme park rides, bridges, cooling towers and many more.  Please see our projects page for some examples.  See Projects page here.

Ultrasound is performed on a corroded steel structure to determine if there is any section loss.
Borescoping a wall to determine interior structure


Existing Structures has the specialized knowledge and evaluation equipment required to establish the “health” of the structure, including:

  • Ultrasonic gages
  • Core drills and sampling equipment
  • Potential and corrosion rate measurement equipment
  • Borescopes
  • Ground penetrating radar
  • ACI approved sounding equipment
  • Structural and diffusion analysis software
  • Analytical laboratory

(also see Phase 2 – Repair and Remediation Design page)

A core drill is taken to determine material properties such as concrete strength, chloride content and ph levels.