Construction Engineering & Inspection

Phase 3

Typically after the Condition Survey (Phase 1) and Repair Design (Phase 2) are completed the final phase can begin. This phase consists of Construction Engineering and Inspections. ESE can provide engineering support during the actual construction process as well as have an on-site qualified inspector to oversee the contractor’s work. ESE will also be the Engineer of Record on the project. Since ESE works directly for the Client and is not affiliated with any contractor or supplier, it allows for the Client to have “eyes and ears” on-site guaranteeing correct and quality construction.

Existing Structures will be available for project meetings and will perform budget tracking including processing pay applications.  By being on-site and measuring actual construction quantities the Client can be assured that they are only paying for actual work completed.  ESE will create as-built construction drawings for Client records and for warranty purposes.

ESE can also provide these services during new construction projects. There is qualified staff able to perform inspections including pre-pour inspections and testing during concrete placement.

ESE provided Corrosion Control Engineering, CE&I, QA/QC for the above ground storage tank farm, Port Canaveral, FL.