NFPA 1403 Fire Simulator Structural Evaluation Requirements

NFPA 1403 and F.A.C. 69
Fire Simulator
Structural Evaluation Requirements

fire-simulator-training-facilities69A-37.404 Requirements for Live Fire Training

States in part “(18)(a) The 2002 edition of the National Fire Protection Association, Inc., Publication 1403, “Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions,” is hereby adopted and incorporated by reference…”

NFPA 1403-2002 requires The structural integrity of the building shall be evaluated and documented annually by a licensed professional engineer with burn building experience and expertise. Part of the burn building evaluation shall include, once every five years, the removal and reinstallation of a representative area of thermal linings (if any) to inspect the hidden conditions behind the linings. The engineer shall core solid structural concrete slabs and walls that have been exposed to temperatures in excess of 149°C (300°F) to check for hidden Typical Live Fire Training Facilities – NFPA Image 3delamination and to test comprehensive strength once every 10 years for conventional (Portland) concrete and every three years for refractory (calcium aluminate) concrete. Where the burn building damage is severe enough to affect the safety of the students, training shall not be permitted.

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