Repair & Remediation Design

Repair & Remediation – Phase 2

Once the data from the Condition Survey (Phase 1) is gathered and analyzed, preservation, repair and remediation options can be evaluated in light of:

  • Economic factors
  • Practicality
  • Contractor experience
  • Performance over time in the corrosive environment
  • Repair versus replace strategies

Once these factors have been addressed, the Project Manual with contract documents, technical specifications, and schedules can be produced to allow for competitive bidding.

Existing Structures prides itself in producing high quality design documents that are:

  • Biddable: Well defined scope results in competitive bids from multiple contractors.
  • Permittable: Complete project documentation ready for permit application and approval.
  • Buildable: Capable of being accomplished with available contractor expertise.
Corroded structure hidden by CUM wall at a coastal structure - La Riviere - West Stairs
Determining seawall cap elevations to establish rate of settlement
Extremely corroded ceiling of reinforced concrete carport
Drafting? Yup we do that!